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Giants-Lions post-game quotebook: Davis Webb’s “
« on: January 09, 2020, 02:52:23 AM »
much better night Ryan Connelly NFL Draft ,” and more What were the New York Giants saying after Friday’s 30-17 victory over the Detroit Lions in preseason action? Let’s go inside the locker room and find out.Davis Webb’s “much better night”Coach Pat Shurmur said the second-year quarterback, starting in place of Eli Manning, was “calmer” and “had a much better night” than he did against the Cleveland Browns last week. Webb went 14 of 20 for 140 yards and a touchdown.“I’m pretty confident in my ability,” Webb said. “I just think I needed to hit the reset button and kind of figure out how I want to play football. I want to play football at a smooth, calm level, and again, I didn’t play my best game tonight. Guys around me made plays.”Wayne Gallman, who caught Webb’s touchdown pass, had this to say:“He’s a player. We all know he’s a player, Davis is the first one in the building and the last one out. He’s very dedicated. When he does have those downtimes, he doesn’t dwell on them. He gets right back into it and that’s why I’m glad he came back from last week where he didn’t have the best game to this game where he did way better. He had a good game Ryan Connelly Buffalo Bills Jersey , so I’m proud of him.”Shurmur on not playing Eli Manning“I made the decision earlier in the week that I wasn’t going to play Eli,” Shurmur said. “Here’s the thing with Eli and Odell, I felt like we were going to get better than practice work against Detroit for two days. They got a lot of good work and the unintended consequence of that, it allowed us to give Davis Webb more work. Because Odell got his work, we didn’t want to put him out there.”Quote of the day— Shurmur on Kyle Lauletta’s rushing touchdown Wayne GallmanGallman had 5 carries for 26 yards and 2 catches for 9 yards. He had an 11-yard rushing touchdown and an 8-yard receiving touchdown.After the game, he talked about how much different he feels as a second-year player.“I feel way more comfortable. You know, it’s a thing where we went through a lot last year, so I know I learned a lot. From what I learned, going into this year, really worked on in the offseason, pretty much everything from the passing game Youth Phil Simms Jerseys , to the running game, to whatever I need to work on in terms of confidence and it’s showing,” Gallman said. “I am having fun out there. I’m not so much worried about knowing the play because I already know it and just out there letting it loose.”Lauletta on his readiness for the seasonThe fourth-round pick went 2-of-5 for 27 yards and was part of touchdown drives of 12 and 59 yards, taking one of those in himself with the aforementioned “nifty” 10-yard run.“Good. I think I’m coming along. A couple of throws that I wish that I had back, a couple of near misses. I think it was the right throw, right decision, just missed him by a yard or two and that will happen,” Lauletta said. “But we moved the ball well and we put up points, so I’m just happy with the way that the whole team played and the way we came out with the win.”Olivier Vernon on his role in the defense“Still, rushing the passer. Nothing really changed about that, so Phil Simms Jerseys Stitched , just the mentality. That just makes it a little more aggressive. So, that’s pretty cool,” Vernon said.— “Kudos” to Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit for passing along transcripts, and for the practice reports he provided leading up to the gamer. Giants rookie Corey Ballentine will live with what happened to him on April 28 the rest of his life, as he was shot and his best friend was killed the night he was drafted into the NFL.And while he’s recovered to compete in training camp, the bullet wound to his rear was more serious than many realized.“It was worse than what people thought it was,’’ Ballentine told Paul Schwartz of the .Ballentine said the bullet is still lodged in his body, and he was told it would set off metal detectors at airports. When it entered his buttocks, it cracked his hip bone, and doctors told him at the time he wouldn’t be able to run for six weeks.He wasn’t able to participate in minicamp, but started working his way back during OTAs Youth Doug Kotar Jerseys , and has recovered fully and appears safely among the 53 players the Giants will keep.“Bones heal,’’ Ballentine said. “I’m just glad it wasn’t worse. It could have hit an artery or something like that. I’m really just glad I could recover from it and I’m still here.’’While the loss of his friend Dwane Simmons will linger, Ballentine has said he wants to honor Simmons by playing well, and so far in Giants camp he has.“What it really taught me was I’ve been through so much to get here, you know, and I never realized, I don’t think I gave myself enough credit for the things I’ve had to push though as far as adversity,’’ Ballentine said. “Just pushing through that, it kinda put things in perspective. It was kinda like ‘You’re stronger than you think you are mentally.’ ’’And now that he’s physically well, he can continue to prove it.